League of Christian Schools is an Assemblies of God ministry established by the Peninsular Florida District Council to connect schools of like faith. While we realize that denominational distinctions is not always a centerpiece of education, we believe that Christian schools should reflect their doctrinal ideals within the overarching school culture, and most pointedly, among its leadership.

To that end, LCS has reached across denominational lines to support Christian education to any school that supports Pentecostal values. LCS stands apart as a lead agency offering world-class services to schools desiring to affiliate with a support agency of common faith and belief. Understanding that Christian education is a ministry to the whole Christian community, we do not enforce the instruction of specific doctrines. However, we recognize that open opposition to our statement of faith is incongruous to our mission and vision.

What We Believe

Professional Development and Higher Education

As an Assemblies of God ministry, LCS has supported and promoted Assemblies of God Higher Education from it’s inception. LCS was established in Florida through a timeless partnership between the Peninsular Florida District Council and Southeastern University. That partnership continues today.

We have also fostered strong relationships with Southwestern Assemblies of God University for their commitment to the field of Christian education and the promotion of graduate studies that advance that cause.

According to Dr. Robert Cook, former Executive Director of the Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education, of all the students graduating from Assemblies of God churches, less than ten percent (10%) attend an Assemblies of God college or university. It is at the heart of our agency to promote quality Christian education from birth through graduate school not only encouraging students to consider attending Assemblies of God Universities, but to also take advantage of the tremendous scholarship opportunities available to students graduating from our member schools.