How Can We Serve You?

For over 35 years, the League of Christian schools has refined a model of school improvement that has proven result in helping schools increase organizational capacity, increase enrollment, and impact their communities. Our model identifies a school’s strengths and weaknesses with action plans for mprovement, targets individual teacher performance, and supports the overal school through targeted professional development. Whether your student body is 25 or 2,500, LCS can help you do it better!

Why the League?

The League has over 35 years of proven experience in helping schools improve as is evidenced by student and organizational growth in accredited schools.

We are not an island. We have created a network of school leaders and corporate partners that believe in YOU and what YOU are DOING!

We are committed to your success! From our support of missionary-established schools, to fundraising for schools devastated by hurricanes and other acts of God, we have demonstrated a history of supporting Christian education wherever it can be found!

Accreditation and Improvement

Measuring your school’s organizational capacity is the starting point to improvement. The result of the accreditation process is a clear roadmap on improving your school, regardless of the size or location.

Educator Certification

School improvement is maximized when individuals are improving. Educator certification creates a clear path to teacher improvement through earning and maintaining professional recognition and ongoing development and skill building.

Professional Development

Teacher training should reflect not only quality teaching strategies, but also be aligned to Christian distinctives. Professional development will help your school meet the improvement targets, engage stakeholders, and increase organizational capacity.

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Advancing the Kingdom through formal Christian Education

Let us partner with your school. Together we will impact your community for Christ!
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