Helping Christian Schools Impact Their Communities

The League of Christian Schools (LCS) is the premiere Assemblies of God accrediting agency established by the Peninsular Florida District Council in 1983. Originally called Florida League of Assemblies of God Schools (FLAGS) and under the leadership of Dr. James Ferrell, the agency realized that limiting its services to Florida would restrict us from reaching an important group of district churches. The Peninsular Florida District Council extends beyond the borders of Florida to the US Virgin Islands, as well as the British Virgin Islands, making it the only US Assemblies of God district to have churches on foreign soil. With a desire to reach out to our international churches within the district, the International League of Christian Schools (ILCS) was born. In 1992 the Peninsular Florida District Presbytery approved the name change from Florida League of Assemblies of God Schools (FLAGS) to Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS). Together, FLOCS and ILCS now reach the international Christian education community as the primary choice for Christian preschool and K-12 education, adhering to the distinctives of our faith while promoting biblical, academic, and professional excellence in its member schools.

League of Christian Schools, (LCS) is an internationally recognized accrediting agency as well as a nonprofit voluntary membership organization, with a mission focus of supporting Christian schools through accreditation, teacher certification and professional development, as well as reaching out and supporting missionary-established schools across the globe. Our services help schools in the US, as well as in over 100 other countries guarantee the transfer of credit for students into foreign and local schools, colleges, and universities, while placing special focus upon Assemblies of God schools.

The LCS mission is to equip member schools to train students in the values and person of Christ in order to prepare them for success in this life and eternity to come.