Millennials support vouchers, according to the GenForward Survey at the University of Chicago. The support is especially strong among millennials of color and gets stronger still for voucher programs targeted to low-income students.

Released September 12, the report describes itself as providing “an extensive look at millennials’ views about education in America today,  including their current evaluations of public schools, their thoughts about what makes a school great, the ways in which they are reimagining education, their perspectives on issues of equity in schools, and their beliefs about the promises and challenges of higher education.” Data for the report were collected between June 23 and July 10 of this year.

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Percentage of Millennials by Group Who Support Vouchers for Low-Income Students

[progress_bar style=”primary” design=”round” icon=”” progress=”79″]African Americans – 79%[/progress_bar][progress_bar style=”primary” design=”round” icon=”” progress=”76″]Asian Americans – 76%[/progress_bar][progress_bar style=”primary” design=”round” icon=”” progress=”77″]Latinas – 77%[/progress_bar][progress_bar style=”primary” design=”round” icon=”” progress=”66″]Whites – 66%[/progress_bar][/panel]

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