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The Modern Board

Today, board trustees are accountable for the organization’s actions. In light of the federal government’s increased emphasis on regulatory compliance and False Claims Act enforcement, this responsibility should not be taken lightly. Boards and their individual members can be held liable for the actions they take and for the actions they fail to take based on a reasonable person standard. Board members are legally required to be informed and active participants in corporate governance in acting to fulfill the nonprofit’s charitable mission.

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Governance 101

What does the board do?

LCS provides a 2 to 3 hour training for school/church boards that can be used for induction and orientation of future board members. In addition to the valuable resources developed uniquely for your school, this training will help a school demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards for both ILCS/FLOCS and AdvancED.

Cost: $300 plus travel expenses.
When: Anytime, daytime or evening hours.
Length: 2 to 3 hours blocked.