A writer for The New York Daily News picked up some comments that were posted in June by students from an Orlando Christian school. The writer also posted letters from former students of the school who indicated that the school discriminated against both black and gay students. Now the school is in the middle of a social media storm.

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This is not the first time we have heard this story. Several times each year we have students, parents and former faculty often utilize social media to lambast schools that did not side with them. Sadly, the backlash can be overwhelming. In one incident a few years ago, just hours after the postings of an angry parent, a school had to setup an outside call center just to handle the onslaught of incoming calls that were attacking the school’s decisions.

It is important that our schools grapple with these issues BEFORE the crises strike. Please check out our sample Internet and Social Media policy. There is some excellent wording in the policy that may be able to supplement your existing policy. And always remember, review policy regularly for possible loopholes and exclusions.

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