The recent passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act allows 529 Savings Plans to be used for private school tuition.

A 529 Saving Plan is a type of savings and investment account where investment gains can be withdrawn tax-free as long as the monies are spent on qualified education expenses.

Effective January 1, 2018, up to $10,000 can be withdrawn per year from a 529 Plan for Christian school tuition. This $10,000 limit is the total across all 529 accounts for a specific beneficiary. Tuition is the only qualified expense for K-12, so textbooks, room and board, and supplies cannot be paid for from a 529. This limitation does not apply once the beneficiary enters college. Since 529 plans are administered through each state, you should confirm if your plan allows private school tuition withdrawals before making any contributions.The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act gives parents of children attending a Christian school an excellent tool for paying K-12 tuition, especially if your state provides a tax deduction for 529 contributions.
Check your State’s Policy for 529 Plans