Membership with the League of Christian Schools is an excellent decision! By joining this community of Christian school school leaders and thinkers, experts who can help with your special challenges, and peers with whom you can relate.

Who Should Join?

Believing that ALL learning should be viewed through the truth of God’s Word, LCS supports Christian education that spans a lifetime.

Early Education: Children from birth to 5 years old are uniquely receptive to new knowledge and God’s truth. We have supported early education for over 35 years with training, certifications, accreditation, and more.

K-12: The sheer volume of information that children acquire in their Kindergarten through 12th grade education is staggering. We believe that it is critical for this age group to engage scripture as superior to all texts. Let us help you align your curriculum to a solid biblical worldview.

International: Schools operating outside of the contiguous united states can also benefit from the benefits of LCS membership. We support schools in several nations through curricular efforts, policy and development, as well as financial support.

Individuals: Teachers and students can have access to LCS resources even if their school’s have not yet become members. Membership allows access to all resources, including teachers certifications and participation in member events. Complete the individual membership here!