Member school Lake City Christian Academy, fully accredited by International League of Christian Schools, is reaching a unique group of learners. A recent article by Travis Pillow appeared on RedefinED that featured the excellent work the school is accomplishing.

Photo courtesy of RedefinED. Click for link to RedefinED website.

“The non-denominational private school has found ways to cater to a diverse group of children, the majority of whom either have special needs, or didn’t quite fit in at other schools. Nearly half of its 194 students rely on McKay scholarships, the state’s voucher program for special needs students. Others use tax-credit scholarships for low-income students or the state’s newest option, Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts.

[Tana Norris] founded Lake City Christian in 1994…. She set out to meet the needs of students she struggled to accommodate in public school — from those with special needs to those who are academically gifted. Dance helped for some. Others needed art lessons or auto-mechanics classes or college courses while they were still in high school. Some young children could learn responsibility and pattern recognition by caring for the baby pigs, goats and tortoises the school keeps on its campus.” (excerpt reprinted by permission)

ILCS/FLOCS is honored to serve Lake City Christian Academy and to see how God is using this school to impact the local community.

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