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There is nothing more stressful than seeing your school on the 6 pm news. The world is changing and protecting and managing the ministry that God gave you is getting more complicated. LCS recognizes that you may not need a lawyer every year. But WHEN you need one, you know we are here for you.

Over the years LCS has developed dozens of sample policies that can be adopted and used by schools and churches to strengthen existing policies. All of our policies have been reviewed by our legal office. However, like most policies, you will want to be sure that policies are enforceable in your state. We can help with that. All sample policies can be accessed in the member portal.

To access sample policies, log into the member portal by clicking the link below. Once logged in, click on general resources, and then sample policies.

Member Portal

If you need specialized attention, or your school is in need of legal guidance, please contact John L. Cooley, our legal partners at Law Office of Cooley and Associates PLC.

John L. Cooley specializes in Christian school law and has represented schools and early education programs involving legal matters such as First Amendment, employment, casualty and negligence, insurance coverage, students and parent claims and contract disputes.

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Since 1969, CLA has been providing free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition in one form or another.

The Christian Law Association exists to preserve Christian liberty for your children and grandchildren.

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