• “The Bible isn’t true.”
  • “God doesn’t care about you.”
  • “There is no absolute truth.”
  • “Right and wrong is up to you.”

Sadly, these are all statements that your students utter. Countless young Christians have bought into such lies (and many, many others). Your students are asking questions about their faith, but they are getting their answers from their friends, from those in Hollywood, and from social media. And the sad part? They are hungry for the truth; they simply have no idea where to find it.

This is why Summit is dedicated to providing the very best biblical worldview curricula available today. When we were young Christians, we also had questions about our faith. Fortunately, God provided us with biblically wise individuals who could help us with our questions. Today, Summit provides extraordinary Bible courses to prepare you and your fellow teachers to help students with the tough issues they are currently facing.

With the high level of biblical illiteracy among Christians today, it’s imperative that we provide good, solid training with unshakable answers to our students’ honest questions.

Please select from any of our acclaimed worldview courses:

Understanding the Times Curriculum Series—Digital App: This unparalleled three-year course creates a path in apologetics and worldview for high school students. You can select from one semester to the full three years of this comprehensive biblical study. This is the only comparative worldview curriculum available today. And with our new groundbreaking learning management system, teachers and students have access to the entire curriculum digitally.

Understanding the Times—Paper: For the first time, our flagship course for high school students will now be available in paper. This includes a teacher manual ($89.95), student manual ($19.95), and the Understanding the Times textbook ($27.95).

Lightbearers: A new revision of our middle school curriculum materials will be available for this upcoming school year as well. Many of the older videos have been replaced with new, relevant films from Media Talk, Coldwater, Right Now Media, and others. For those who own the current edition of Lightbearers, an update package will be available for only $99.95.

Building on the Rock: The first two grades to our exciting, new elementary revision will be released this summer. We’re sure that you’ll find the new BOTR curriculum much easier to prepare and to teach. The new materials are in full-color, Bible version neutral, cross-curricular, and laid out in a spiral format. All of the activities for the student manual ($19.95) have been completely reworked, and each teacher manual ($89.95) lesson is laid out in a simple two-page spread. Grades 3–4 will be available for the summer of 2018 and grades 5–6 will follow in the summer of 2019.

If you need samples of any of the Summit materials, please contact:

Roy Faletti
Summit Ministries
National Director of School Support

When you’re ready to order, go to summit.org or call 866.786.6483 and use coupon code LCS to save 15% on orders placed before June 15 or 10% on orders placed between June 16 and August 15.