Project Description

Christian schools are distinct from public schools in a lot of areas. However, there exists no more significant distinction than Biblical instruction. LCS schools adhere to a basic belief that the Bible is the hinge upon which the door of all knowledge must swing. Unfortunately, a teacher cannot impart what he or she does not possess.

It is the desire of this agency, as has been demonstrated and required through the teacher certification process, that all teachers possess proficient understanding of scripture and basic doctrine. To this end, LCS has created several ways through which a teacher may gain this knowledge. These programs are significantly helpful for teachers who have been trained in secular universities where formal instruction in God’s word is often not taught.

To meet the Bible requirement teachers can pursue the following:

DSOMs feature live instruction at a location usually a few hours from home. Though the exact format, schedule and registration particulars are unique to each school, all DSOM programs require a minimum of five hours of classroom instruction and an exam per course.

Prior to class time students must read the textbook and answer related study questions. Courses require anywhere from 15 to 25 hours of individual preparation and study.

Hundreds of students have already found DSOM to be the answer for fitting Bible training into their existing life schedule. Consider the benefits:

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Training by educated and experienced church leaders
  • Perspectives and questions shared in a classroom filled with students who have years of experience with churches and ministry in the same district
  • Networking opportunities with district leaders and fellow ministers
  • Motivation to complete coursework in time for scheduled dates
Find Your DSOM Location

Understanding the needs and uniqueness of the local church, LCS has created provisions that allow us to recognize formal Bible training that is provided for and received in the local church. To facilitate this method, LCS must receive the appropriate MIS Forms from the Master Inservice Plan in order to validate the actual course studies, the hours covered, and the qualifications of the person doing the teaching. Contact the LCS office for more information. A local Bible course should focus on one of the core classes required for certification. Contact our office for more information.