Background Screening Program

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Background Screening Submission Timeline

Delays in eligibility determinations may be experienced if screenings are not initiated in the Clearinghouse prior to fingerprinting or if all necessary documentation is not included at the time of the screening request. This includes but is not limited to required out-of-state residency documents for child care employees or applicants and additional information requests needed to review criminal history.

Use of the AHCA Clearinghouse

Why use the Clearinghouse?

  • It is required by law (§ 435.12) that you initiate screenings in the Clearinghouse.
  • Initiating screenings in the Clearinghouse prior to sending and employee/applicant for fingerprinting:
    • Allows providers to take control of the screening (correct: data entry, OCA, ORI)

    • Prevents delays due to unmatched screenings and duplication of submissions.

    • Can track screenings from request to eligibility determination

    • TCR Number is provided for rejected fingerprints. This will allow a 2nd screening at NO EXTRA CHARGE

    • Access to the Florida Public Rap Sheet FREE for 30-days

    • Allows for screening at reduced costs


Background Screening Data