During this time surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, kids are separated from those at church they love. Often kids live with parents or caregivers who aren’t Christians. Attending your Christian school is often the most caring and loving place in that child’s life. And now because of the pandemic, kids can’t come to school and receive the affirmation they normally get.

Here are some other ways teachers and school leaders can make kids feel special, feel loved, and understand they are missed:

  • Online Cards: If you have an email address for the child’s parent or caregiver, consider sending online “we miss you” cards. There are several sites for accessing and sending these cards inexpensively or free. Kids would love opening an animated card from their principal/director or teacher showing they are missed!
  • Doorbell Surprise: Some schools are driving by kids’ homes and putting a bag of cookies or treats on the door of the house with an encouraging note, pushing the doorbell, and running away. You will have to check to see if this is allowed in your state. If so, it is a fun way to surprise the kids.
  • Make Your Own Cookies: Consider attaching a roll of cookie dough to the doorknob of a child’s home. Ring the doorbell to make sure someone comes and gets it. Leave a note.
  • Drop off Frozen Freeze Pops: Freeze pops are inexpensive, but they are really good and kids LOVE them. Have them frozen and ready to eat. This could be an inexpensive way of sharing a treat with kids. Drop them off with an encouraging note and ring the doorbell!
  • Phone Calls: Kids love it when you check on them by phone. Caregivers seem to like it as well when you call the kids, distract them for a bit, and let the kids talk about what they are doing.
  • A Surprise Pizza or Surprise Giant Cookie: A fun way to let a family know they are missed is by sending them a surprise pizza or a giant cookie. It will cost a bit of money, but it is a way for the school to bless the entire family.
  • Letter: Kids love to get mail. Sending kids a letter gives them something to open and read. You could insert a McDonalds gift certificate, or a puzzle, or a crazy picture in the letter. It is a great way to make your kids feel special. Kids often will read the letter over and over, so choose your words carefully. Make your words full of affirmation. Mention the child’s faith in God, helpfulness in class, or big smile. (Be sure to follow CDC guidelines pertaining to sending mail.)
  • Marco Polo: Marco Polo is a free app that lets you put multiple kids and leaders on one string and then you can send video messages back and forth in fun ways. Maybe this can replace your normal recess or break times at school.