The application references equitable services and non-public schools throughout, so that is good news, but it will be very important to keep a close eye on the implementation. The Dept has not yet released the Schools Fund Grant or any guidance related to the Schools fund.
What we do know:

  • The State will ensure that an LEA receiving GEER funds will provide equitable services to students and teachers in non-public schools located within the LEA in the same manner as provided under section 1117 of the ESEA, as determined through timely and meaningful consultation with representatives of non-public schools.
  • The State will ensure that a public agency will maintain control of funds for the services and assistance provided to a non-public school under the GEER Fund.
    • The State will ensure that a public agency will have title to materials, equipment, and property purchased with GEER funds.
    • The State will ensure that services to a non-public school with GEER funds will be provided by a public agency directly or through a contract with another public or private entity.
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