Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS)

The Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS) has served Florida since 1984 as the state’s primary choice for Christian preschool and K-12 education, promoting biblical, academic, and professional excellence in its member schools. FLOCS is a state and nationally recognized accrediting agency as well as a nonprofit voluntary membership organization.Florida League of Christian Schools is a division of the League of Christian Schools, LLC located in Lakeland, Florida. The FLOCS division serves and advocates in the state of Florida on behalf of Florida schools and centers.

FLOCS accreditation is approved in the state of Florida as a Gold Seal provider.


As the leader in school choice, Florida is a “proving ground” for private education. Since 1983 FLOCS has advocated and provided a voice for Christian schools in the development and sustainability within the school choice movement. FLOCS is unique in that it provides a single focus to state issues with the intent of providing a model for other states to follow.

Our sister agency, International League of Christian Schools provides these same services in other states and internationally.


Florida League of Christian Schools supports the work of the church through the establishment, development, and improvement of Christian schools throughout the state.

The FLOCS mission is to equip member schools to train students in the values and person of Christ in order to prepare them for success in this life and eternity to come.

The FLOCS mission is advanced through:

    • Quality assessment programs that focus on academic excellence at all levels, preschool through grade 12
    • Member training which provides ongoing professional development and centers on best practice
    • Teacher certification program for qualifying educators
    • K-12 accreditation which is nationally recognized
    • Preschool accreditation which is Gold Seal approved
    • Integration of Christian distinctives through all precepts and practices
    • Religious Exemption for Church operated preschools

State Approvals

FLOCS is licensed by the Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education (License #4063).

The Florida Department of Education also recognizes the Florida League of Christian Schools as a provider for both early childhood training as well as our K-12 Master In-service Program (MIP), Professional Educational Competency (PEC) Training programs and as a liaison of state teacher certification for FLOCS educators. Master In-service Program (MIS)The FLOCS Master In-service Program(MIS) outlines our in-service program and the steps to meet teacher certification and renewal. We have referred to it as the Professional Orientation Program (POP).

Professional Educator’s Competencies (PEC)

The Florida League of Christian Schools offers PEC training which is a training for meeting the state’s beginning teacher program (new teachers from college or out of state) to acquire teacher certification with the Department of Education. PEC training is essential for coaching and mentoring teachers as well as a required training for interns and supervising peer teachers for educational programs and state of Florida teaching certification. For Christian schools hiring teachers who would like to become licensed by the state of Florida, this program is required.

The FLOCS PEC program deals with the twelve competencies required prior to professional teacher certification as well as encompasses guidelines established by the Florida Department of Education, including specific training for administration and teacher interaction, taught from a Christian perspective. Participants are trained to understand the domains and competencies of effective teaching. Skills are developed to assist in mentoring and coaching peers and pre-service teachers. Group activities, individual assignments, team analysis, demonstration, practice, and testing.

Clinical Educator Training (CET)

The Clinical Educator Training is provided for administrators and teachers who work together observing, coaching, and mentoring new teachers in these competencies. There is no time frame for observations or practice unless they want in-service credit or CEUs for the training. FLOCS provides observations during the training. Administrators and teachers are entitled to additional in-service hours if they assist in the observation and coaching of a new teacher. This program is update periodically to ensure state compliance. Call our offices if you need to be observed.